Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nowadays, precast concrete had become a famous construction method around the world. Precast concrete is the casting of concrete in which its process of mixing, placing, and curing is done in factory controlled. It is famous due to its advantages during the construction. There are a lot company around Malaysia which provides a precast concrete section with various types and sizes. Some of the sizes are also being ordered on specific demand by the project engineers.
There are some of advantages of using a precast concrete. Firstly is on the basis of time consumption. Constructions which were using the method of cast in-situ will took a long duration to finish the project due to the time needed for the concrete to dry. For precast concrete, the concrete component had been cast in the company and just being merged in the construction site. Secondly, precast concrete can reduce the cost of construction. This is because the repetitive of standard units sizes. Furthermore, the product which cast in factory has a higher accuracy as compared to cast in-situ. Besides, precast concrete will not be affected by the bad weather which can reduce the strength of concrete. In addition, precast concrete can save the place of storage in construction because the component of precast concrete will be assembled after the components arrive to the construction site.